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Our team in Hamburg is looking for students (male/female) to support our luggage & loading crew.

Your Tasks
You will be working in a team to load and stow passenger luggage and groceries on cruise ships. Luggage from departing passengers needs to be transported off the ship in the morning, while luggage from arriving passengers needs to be loaded in the afternoon. Groceries need to be stowed in storage rooms and cooling chambers.

Your Profile
You should be physically fit, have a well-kempt appearance, courteous manners, and be able to coordinate your work independently. We will provide a short introduction for the different taks. A good command of English is an advantage. You do NOT need to be able to speak German to sign up for this job.

Place of Work
You will be working in the port of Hamburg.

Time of Work
The individual working days are already set for the entire 2016 season, allowing you to plan well in advance. Work starts in the morning and takes at least 5 hours or longer. We ensure adequate breakes during your shift.

Working Routine
You will first receive a short introduction and will then be assigned your own working area. You will execute the tasks either independently or in a team with other students.

We Offer
We offer interesting and diverse tasks within a young and highly motivated team and a modern working environment. Our supervisors are friendly and supportive. You are able to plan your working times individually depending on your personal schedule. Naturally, we will pay you reasonably and promptly.


Please use the form below for your application. We will get in touch with you within a very short time. Your application is without obligation. You will receive an e-mail with all conditions and information on the following procedure.

We are looking forward to meeting you! Thank you for your interest.