Choose different jobs from a wide variety of fields.


You can choose your working time and place.


We’ll pay you fair & above average.


You’ll always work in teams with other students.

You are looking for a job…
…with other young people? …that’s paid above average? …that can be perfectly arranged around your university schedule?

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Staff Eins employs students in Northern Germany. We are located in the cities Rostock, Hamburg, Kiel, Berlin and Hanover. We strife to offer you a wide variety of jobs. That’s why we cooperate with numerous companies in different fields of work. Your personal priorities are important to us. With Staff Eins you won’t have to work in an occupation that doesn’t suit you. 

We offer flexible working hours to empower you to plan your studies independently of your work. You are able to sign up for jobs well in advance, maybe to be able to afford a holiday trip, and you can sign up for a shift spontaneously, maybe because one of your lectures got cancelled – with us you’ll only need to work whenever you want to and can make the time.

We pay our employees above average. You will always work with other students. We want you to have a good time while you are working with us.

We are your direct personal partner and organize everything concerning your job: from transportation to clothing, in-company training and briefings all the way to prompt payment.

But we don’t only see each other to work. We also like to have fun and get together for other activities. We host barbecues, parties, play paintball, meet in a beer garden on the evenings, and go to wine tastings together. We would like for everybody to feel welcome.

Come and join our team and let us have a positive impact on your life. Promised.

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