Payment Questions

Please use this form to submit your questions and problems regarding your pay or if you are in need of further information regarding your wage or working contract.

(Do you need help to translate the form below? Please check the bottom of this page.)


Vorname – first name
Name – last name
Personal-Nr. wenn möglich (in WebEins sichtbar) – personnel number if known (visible in WebEins)
Fehler oder Hinweisart – type of mistake or note

  • bitte wählen – please choose
  • Auszahlungsbetrag zu niedrig – amount paid too little
  • Kontoinformationen falsch – account information wrong
  • Sonstiges – other
  • Steuerinformationen falsch – tax information wrong
  • Stundenübersicht falsch – number of working hours wrong
  • Zahlungseingang fehlt – payment missing
  • Zusatzkosten falsch abgerechnet – supplementary costs wrong

festgestellte Differenz – asserted difference
Abrechnungsmonat – month of accounting
genaue Beschreibung Lohnfehler – precise description of accounting mistake