Signing up for Shifts

The online-tool Easypep helps you to plan your shifts with Staff Eins. Once you have registered to work with us and we have checked your files and data, we will invite you to a webcast or talk during which we will explain the system to you. Afterwards you will receive an e-mail with your login data.

At first you log in to the system. Based on your application you will receive offers for shifts from the areas of work that you signed up for. Should you wish to change those areas later, we ask you to get in touch with us by e-mail – you will not be able to change these settings on your own.
The system will show you both shifts that are still available as well as shifts that have been completely staffed already. You can see the different working times and places – this way you can easily choose only the shifts you are interested in.

By the way: You can change the language of Easypep to English in the upper right corner.

Our Online-Tool Easypep

Shifts that are available have a striped background. You can click on the shift, a window will open up and you can then apply for the shift. You can also see additional information such as the team size and other remarks. We take care to give every employee a chance to sign up for shifts and try to allocate them as fairly as possible. Hence you will not get a confirmation immediately (and you don’t need to be worried about missing new shifts because you are not online at the time). We allocate shifts once everybody has had a chance to sign up. Once the shift is fully staffed, it’s background will turn to a solid colour.

As an applicant, your name appears in the bottom list. Once you have been assigned to the shift, your name will move to the top list. You will also automatically get an e-mail from the system. Please note: If you have not been assigned to a shift, we automatically consider you as a replacement. In case you’ve already made other plans for the time of the shift it would be great if you could remove yourself from the list. This would be a great help to us, this way we would only end up contacting employees that are actually able to work in case we need a replacement – and we won’t disturb you with unnecessary phone calls.

Shifts that are fully staffed have a solid color as a background. You can apply as a replacement by clicking on them. We would then contact you in case a scheduled employee is not able to work.

Please note: Unfortunately it is not possible to swap shifts with other people. We would like to assign shifts to everybody who has applied. It is also possible that employees with a certain experience are requested by our clients. In case you are assigned to a shift and realize that you are not able to work, you must use the form on our website to sign out. We are not able to process cancellations by any other means (e-mail, phone calls, a friend of yours telling us, etc.). Please notify us as soon as you need to cancel a shift (at least 8 days in advance) so we can find a replacement for you. Thank you!