Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a student to work with Staff Eins? – Yes, we do only employ students. That’s why we always need your current certificate of enrollment (pdf-file) or student identity card (legible photo) of the document for the current semester in order to be able to work with you.

Is it possible to work with Staff Eins if I am a dual student? – In principle, this is possible. We need to check this individually though.

Which requirements do I have to meet to work with Staff Eins? – In general, there are no specific requirements. Our supervisors will coordinate your work and assist you if you have any questions. We will make sure that you are trained adequately during your first shifts.
We require you to make sure that your personal files (certificate of enrollment, government ID, profile picture) and your personal data (in WebEins) are complete and up to date. In some jobs you will have to participate in a training session, we will inform you about this if that is the case. For certain jobs additional documents are required (e.g. driver’s license, health certificate). Please note that you have to be able to speak German (C1 or C2) for some jobs.

Do I have to participate in the webcast? – Yes, participation in the webcast is mandatory for all new employees. It is your chance to get to know us. We will explain our shift system as well as our employee management system to you. You are also able to ask questions. The webcast takes about 90 minutes.

Can I work in different kinds of jobs? – Yes, you are able to sign up for different types of jobs. They will be shown to you based on what you qualify for, please contact us if you want to update your areas of work. We currently offer these jobs for employees who do not speak German: housekeeping on cruise ships, luggage handling, and loading on cruise ships.

How do I know that I am able or qualified to do a certain job? – You will always get an introduction to each job and you are also always able to ask your supervisor. If you have done a job multiple times, you will be assigned more independent tasks. In general, most jobs can be done without any previous knowledge. If you are uncertain about any requirements you are always welcome to ask us. You can also find detailed job descriptions on this website.

Whom can I contact in case there are any problems during my shift? – You can contact your supervisor at any time if there are any problems during your shift. We do work closely with our clients to constantly improve your working atmosphere. Furthermore, you are able to evaluate the conditions anonymously after your shift, every evaluation is implemented into our quality management.

Will I get any breaks during my shift? – Our supervisors make sure that you will have adequate breaks. They are also committed to creating a pleasant working environment.

How do I get my working contract? – Please log in to WebEins after you have completed the webcast click on the respective button to request the working contract, we will then send it to you by e-mail. Usually this happens within a few days. You do then sign the contract and upload it in WebEins under the tab “My Data” as “Arbeitsvertrag”. Once we have verified your contract, you will be able to sign up for the first shifts.

How do I choose the type of working contract? – In general, you are able to choose between two types of working contracts (Season Easy or Longterm+, see overview in WebEins). However, we need to verify first if we can offer you the long term model. Hence we automatically hire each new employee based on the Season Easy contract (duration 10 months, up to 70 shifts, no deductions for pension insurance). If you want to switch to the long term model later on, you need to make an appointment with us and we will check if we can offer it to you.

Can I sign a new contract immediately once the first contract has expired?  – You are able to work for up to 12 consecutive months. After this, you need to pause for 2 months. You are then able to request a new contract.

I have had a working contract in the last year. Do I need to sign a new contract again this year? – Yes, our contracts are temporary and you have to sign a new contract when the old one has expired.

Do I have to apply for each semester again? – No, your data will remain saved in our system and you will not have to apply again. Please make sure that your data and documents (student ID and Aufenthaltstitel) are up to date. It is also possible that we will send you a new working contract to sign when the new semester starts.

What is the wage per hour? – We always pay at least € 12 pre-tax per hour in all jobs.

When will I receive my salary? – We will pay you around the 10th of the following month. Please make sure that your bank data in WebEins is complete and up to date so we can transfer your money on time. Expense receipts are reimbursed immediately.

How many hours can I work per month? – This depends on the type of working contract you have with us. There are no minimum or maximum limits of working hours in the Season Easy contract. In the model Longterm+ you are required to work at least 45 hours a month are not allowed to work for more than 80 hours a month.

How many hours am I allowed to work within the 70 shifts per year? – There are no restrictions on working hours with the Season Easy model. Within the 70 shifts you can work as little or as much as you choose to. The hours depend on the types of shifts that you apply for. In general, our shifts are always at least 5 hours long, in some areas (e.g. catering) they are often substantially longer.

What counts as full-time and part-time employment? Do 5 hour shifts count as a whole or a half working day? – Any shift, independently of the number of hours, counts as a whole working day within the 70 day limit. Shifts that are 5 hours long are regarded as a full day.

Do I have to pay taxes? – This depends on your combined annual earnings from all of your jobs and other incomes. You will get more information regarding taxes during our webcast.

Do I have to pay pension insurance (“Rentenversicherung”)?  – This depends on the type of working contract you have got with us. You do not pay into pension insurance with the Season Easy model. In the model Longterm+, you will always have to pay pension insurance – independently of how much or little you earn.

How does Staff Eins get my personal data? – Please provide your personal data in our employee management system (WebEins). Please keep in mind that your data needs to be complete and up to date at all times as it is the basis for our working contract with you.

How do I log in to WebEins to provide my personal data? – You will receive your login information to WebEins by e-mail once you have participated in our webcast. We normally send the mail within three working days, usually on the next day. Please check your spam folder if you are waiting for an unexpectedly long time.

Personal Data:

Which Data does Staff Eins need for my employment? – We need the following information: name, birth data, address, cell phone number, bank data, social security number (“Rentenversicherungsnummer” = “Sozialversicherungsnummer”), tax identification number (“Steueridentifikationsnummer”), as well as information about other employers. Please make sure that your information in WebEins is always up to date.

How do I find my social security number? – Your social security number (“Rentenversicherungsnummer” = “Sozialversicherungsnummer”) is issued by the German government. This is how you recognise the number: It is 12 digits long, digits 3 through 8 are your birth date.
How to find your social security number: If you have worked in Germany in the past, you can usually find it on your monthly payment overviews from your employer. Alternatively, your social security number is also printed on your social incurance ID (“Sozialversicherungsausweis”, this is not the same as your health insurance card). If you have not worked in Germany before, you need to contact your health insurance to issue you the social insurance ID.
You have lost the number or cannot access the documents right now? In this case you need to contact your health insurance. You can either go to their local office in your town or call them and request your social security number to be send to you. You are also able to contact the social security insurance directly through their service phone number 0800 1000 4800. They will then reply through regular mail.

How do I find my tax identification number? – Your tax identification number (“Steueridentifikationsnummer” = “elektronische Steuernummer”) is also issued by the German government. This number is 11 digits long. You can usually find it on your monthly payment slips by other employers.
If you have not worked in Germany in the past or you do not have access to those documents right now, you need to contact the tax office (“Finanzamt”). The quickest way to get it is to simply go the Finanzamt in your town and inquire about it. You will need to show your ID or passport or terms of residency card. Alternatively you can write to them at: Bundeszentralamt für Steuern, 53221 Bonn. Finally, you can also use their online form. Please note that this will take considerably longer than simply going to the office.

Peronal Files:

Which files does Staff Eins need to be able to work with me? – Please provide us with the following files: profile picture, current (!) student ID, as well as a current government identity card.  If you are NOT a German citizen, we need your Aufenthaltstitel (terms of residency card) in order to work with you. Please make sure that your files are always up to date in WebEins.

What is important regarding my profile picture? – We will use your profile picture to print an employee identity card for you. It is important that you are clearly recognisable on the picture. You do not need to have a professional picture taken, a cell phone picture taken in front of a neutral background will suffice. Please pay attention to the following things: Your face must be clearly visible and the picture must be focussed. Please do not submit pictures that are digitally retouched. Keep in mind that the picture should make a good impression of you. We cannot accept pictures with several people, pictures that are taken at parties, etc.

Do I need to upload a student identity card for each semester? – Yes, we always need your current student identity card for each semester you want to work with us. Your current student ID is the basis for your working contract with us. You can either upload a cell phone picture of your current student identity card issued by your university (“Studienausweis”) or the certificate of enrollment issed by your university (“Immatrikulationsbescheinigung”), the latter one is usually a pdf-file. It does not suffice to only upload your student identity number.
Important: We kindly ask you to always upload your current student ID for each semster as soon as your receive it from your university. You will not be added to shifts unless this information is up to date.

Which kind of government ID does Staff Eins need? – We need your “Aufenthaltstitel” (terms of residency card) in oder to be able to work with you. You need to upload a picture of it in WebEins and provide the number. Please make sure not to confuse letters and numbers (numbers are printed slightly larger than letters). If you are a German citizen, you can also use your ID card or passport. You can simply upload a cell phone picture of your ID. Please remember that you have to carry your current and valid ID on you at all times if you are working in the port, on cruise ships, or at the airport.

Other Files (optional):

Do I need to upload a curriculum vitae? – No, we do not require you to upload a CV. Uploading a CV can be an advantage though and it is your chance to let us know about any special skills or knowledge you might have that might qualify you for for certain jobs.

When do I need a health certificate and how do I get it? – The health certificate (“Gesundheitszeugnis”) is required for all jobs where you will be handling food, e.g. in certain catering jobs. You can obtain it through the local health office (“Gesundheitsamt”) in your city. You will have to complete a training session with them (“Erstbelehrung von Beschäftigten im Lebensmittelverkehr”) in order to get the certificate. Please inquire at their office in your city for appointments. Issuing the health certificate will cost about 20 to 30 Euros. We will cover these costs for you in case you do not have a health certificate yet. Important! In order to gurantee the coverage of the costs you need to contact us before you do the training session. The sessions are usually in German only, please inquire with the office to find out about the language skills required to attend the course or if any courses are offered in your language.

Which type of jobs require me to have a driver’s license? – A driver’s license and a safe driving style are required for all jobs in the shuttle service. We also offer additional shifts for students who shuttle our own employees to their working locations. In case you want to apply for those jobs, we need you to upload a legible picture of your driver’s license in WebEins. Please make sure that your license is valid in Germany.

General Questions Concerning WebEins:

How can I change my address and phone number? – You can change your address and phone number independently in WebEins. Please make sure that your data is always up to date.

How can I change my e-mail? – Changing your e-mail is only possible by contacting us directly. Please get in touch with us through this e-mail:

How do I choose the type of working contract? – All new employees are automatically assigned to the contract Season Easy. This will offer you the most flexibility, you do not have a minimum or maximum amount of working hours and you do not have to pay into the German pension insurance. If you want to change into the contract Longerm+, you need to get in touch with us first. We need to talk to you personally before we are able to offer this contract to you.

Can I change my areas of work? – Yes, this is possible. However, you need to contact us to verify any updates you are making in your areas of work. Please note that you will need to be able to speak at least some German in all other areas besides “Housekeeping” and “Luggage and Loading” (=”Gepäck und Verladung”). The language level required for German jobs is usually C1 or C2.

Can I sign up for more than one city? – Yes, this is possible. You need to contact us to add additional cities to work in. Please note that this is only feasible if you are in both citis equally often, for example if you communte on a frequent basis.

General Questions Regarding our Shifts:

How often am I able to work? – You can apply for as many shifts as you want to. However, we will usually not be able to assign you to all of the shifts. This depends on the number of people who have applied along with you.

Can I work on the weekends? Would it be okay to only work on certain days of the week? – You are able to plan completely independently. If you only want to work on certain days or weekends, you simply apply to those shifts only in our online calendar.

What will happen if I cannot work for a longer time? – This is not a problem at all. You do not have to submit an application for leave or holidays. This also applies to longer periods, e.g. if you happen to study at another university for a while. You simply don’t sign up for shifts during that time. Please note: If you want to work again after having been absent, please make sure that your employee data in WebEins (address, student ID, etc.) is up to date.

Questions Regarding Applying for Shifts:

How do I apply for shifts? – You are able to apply for your shifts individually through our online calendar. This way you are able to plan your time completely independently of us. You simply click on the different weeks and sign up for individual shifts. We will show you the procedure during the webcast. You will get the access data to the calendar once you have participated in the webcast.

How do I choose times for my shifts? – You simply only choose shifts with time slots that fit to your personal schedule.

Will I be informed if new shifts become available? – The system will frequently send an e-mail opdates to you.

How do I know if I have been assigned to a shift? – WebEins will automatically generate an e-mail to you once you were assigned to a shift. You can also see all shifts that have been assigned to you in the dashboard at the tab “future shifts”.

How do I know that I have NOT been assigned to a shift that I have applied for? – You will not get a message if you are not assigned to a shift you applied for. You can recognise full shifts by the respective icon in WebEins. Your name will remain in the list of applicants and we automatically assume that you would be willing to fill in as a replacement spontaneously. If you don’t want to be considered on short notice, please revoke your application in WebEins.

What are the reasons for being assigned to a shift? – We try to be fair to everybody when we allocate people to the shifts. We would like to give everybody the chance to work. You will not always be assigned to all the shifts that you apply for. Being assigned to shifts depends on different factors, such as the number of your applications, how many shifts you have had in the past, and how reliable you are. Certain qualifications (previous knowledge, participation in training sessions) can also have an influence on your placement in shifts.

Can you gurantee jobs to me? – No, we cannot gurantee certain shifts. However, we try to assign employees that have accumulated a certain level of experience in the same jobs on a frequent basis.

Questions Regarding Cancelling and Trading Shifts:

How do I cancel a shift? What is the latest time to cancel a shift? – As soon as you have been assigned to a shift, we are counting on you to come to work on that day. Should you not be able to work after all, you will be required to cancel through the form on our website. Please note that you have to cancel at least 8 days in advance, otherwise we cannot find a replacement for you anymore. Important! Please do only use the website to chancel shifts. We need to be able to plan on a reliable basis. If you do not cancel through the website or cancel too late it is possible that this will cause negative conequences for your placement in shifts in the future. We cannot accept cancellations after a shift has started.

Can I trade shifts with somebody else? – In general, you are able to trade shifts. Please use the form on our website. We cannot gurantee that we can comply with your wishes.

Can I send a friend if I cannot come to work? – No, this is not possible. Trading shifts always has to be coordinated with us.

What am I required to wear? – You will get detailed instructions on what to wear in the e-mail that we send to you a few days before work. We ask you to make sure that you have a kempt appearance when you come to your shift. Your clothes must be clean and ironed. In general, we require you to wear the following things. When in doubt, always consult the e-mail you got from us or get in touch with us:

  • Housekeeping, luggage & loading jobs in ports and on cruise ships: Please wear your company shirt, black or blue jeans (clean, ironed, without holes; NO shorts, leggins, sweat pants, skirts etc.), closed and clean shoes, your company ID card, as well as your terms of residency card (Aufenthaltstitel).
  • Jobs in catering, restaurants, and at events: You will usually be asked to wear black trousers, black and closed shoes, a white blouse or button-down shirt. You may receive additional clothing items when you reach the location.


How do I get my company shirt? – We will bring your company shirt to your first job. You will then keep it for the rest of the season. Once you have received the shirt, we will automatically keep a deposit of € 15 from your first pay. You will of course be reimbursed if you return the shirt at the end of the season in a condition that allows us to use it again (no discoloration, stains, holes etc.).

How do I take care of my company shirt? The company shirt is made from a sturdy white cotton fabric and will last through a numerous cycles of washing. Please wash it only with other white items. Alternatively, you can wash it by hand. Please make sure that your shirt is always washed and ironed when you come to work.

Which safety gear will Staff Eins provide? – In certain areas such as luggage and loading, we will provide safety gear (e.g. safety shoes and gloves). These items will be handed out at the begining of the shift.

Which training sessions does Staff Eins offer? – We offer different types of training sessions, always based on what our clients require. You can find an overview of current training sessions here. In some areas (e.g. supportive tasks on cruise ships), participating in the session is mandatory to apply for the job. In other areas, participating in a session will rise your chances to be assigned to shifts.

Will there be training sessions in my city or will I have to travel? – We will always offer training sessions in the city you will be working in, there is no need to travel.

Will Staff Eins pay me for praticipating in the training session? – No, we will not pay you. However, participating in the training session will rise your chances of being assigned to shifts. In certain areas of work you will also receive a better hourly wage. You will also receive a certificate.

Will the training sessions for supportive tasks on cruise ships/housekeeping be held on a regular basis? – Yes, we offer those sessions frequently at the beginning of the season, but also depending on how many people we need to train. Please check the current plan here. If no training sessions are available at the moment, you can simply come to work – we will instruct you at the beginning of your first shift.

What will the day look like? – We will meet in the port and walk through security check together. It is important for you to be there on time, otherwise it is possible that you may not be able to get on board of the ship anymore. If you are working in housekeeping, you will get a short introduction and a section card with a list of all the cabins you will be taking care of. Afterwards you will work independently. If you are working in luggage and loading, your supervisor will give you a briefing and you will then work in a team. Shifts that begin in the morning will usually have a lunch break scheduled on the ship. Shifts that begin in the late morning usually have no lunch break scheduled. Shifts are always at least 5 hours long.

Which documents will I need to bring? – You will need your terms of residency card (Aufenthaltstitel) to get through security check at the port. Additionally, you need your Staff Eins company ID. Important! other documents such as your student ID or your health insurance card will NOT be sufficient to get through security.

What should I wear? – Please wear your Staff Eins polo shirt, black or blue jeans (no sweat pants, leggins, shorts, skirts, etc.), and closed shoes. Please make sure that your clothes are clean and ironed.

Do I need to participate in a training session? – For housekeeping/cabin helpers/supportive tasks on cruise ships, you need to complete a training session before your first shift. If no training sessions are currently scheduled, we will instruct you at the beginning of your shift and you can just come to work. You can find the current dates for training sessions here.

What am I allowed to bring on board? – This depends on your area of work. For supportive tasks on cruise ships/housekeeping you are NOT allowed to bring any personal items besides your government and company IDs (no wallets, cell phones, backpacks, jackets, hats, scarves, etc.). We will make sure that all items (bags, jackets, etc.) are safely stowed and locked away in the port. Please bring as few personal items to work as possible. Please note: the cruise ship will leave the port in the evening of your working day, possibly to embark on a long voyage. It may therefore be unlikely and very difficult to return lost items to you. Neither Staff Eins nor the cruise ship companies will be able to reimburse you for lost items.

Which jobs can I sign up for if I have only basic or no knowledge of German? – You can apply for the follwing jobs: supportive tasks on cruise ships/cabin helper/housekeeping, loading & luggage (Hamburg, Kiel, Rostock). Not all of those areas are offered in all cities. You can check the current vacancies here.

How good does my German have to be for certain jobs? How do I verify my language knowledge? – It is very difficult to determine your language skills from a certificate. The general rule of thumb is: The more contact you will have with guests and the more sophisticated the working enviroment is, the better your language knowledge ought to be. If you are unsure whether your German is good enough, you can schedule an appointment with us. We generally need people to speak German at C1 or C2 level for our German jobs (depending on the position).

Which ID do I need to be allowed to work? – If you are NOT a German citizen, you need to use your Aufenthaltstitel as ID. Please upload a picture of it in WebEins and remember to bring it along to each shift.