Your Staff Eins Team

We are your Staff Eins team. We take care of your needs and ensure a constant development of Staff Eins. We are always working on creating more pleasant and interesting employment conditions. We are open for everyone who is interested in working in the areas of scheduling, administration and social media. You’d like to be a part of our team? You are cordially invited to join us!


business management

Volker is in charge of the big picture. He is always ready to answer your questions and takes care of a lot of behind-the-scenes tasks such as communicating with business partners, process supervision and company development. Team spirit is important to him, he makes sure that everybody is in a good mood by creating music playlists for the office and organising barbeques for our staff.


administration & scheduling

Mandy decides all details about your individual jobs. She sets the time frame, meeting point, and coordinates shuttling you to and from your workplace. Often she will also provide detailed information on your job in case you have missed something during your training session.


business management

Olli takes care of all commercial, legal, and staff management issues. He is our human resource expert and can answer all of your questions concerning working contracts, accounting and payments. He’s got a special talent for finding just the right employment contract for your situation.



Basi is our main supervisor for cruise ships. He coordinates luggage, loading & stevedore-services. He is ready to explain all procedures to you and is always open to your problems or wishes. He also optimises processes and working sequences. He is very ambitious, his main goal is that everything runs smoothly and that everybody is making the best of their scheduled task.



Chris is taking care of most digital and online behind-the-scenes chores, such as monitoring, optimisation for search engines, client acquisition, traffic – things that are not obvious at first sight but have a big impact.



Lauri is a supervisor and often on-site with you. He is always there to answer the questions of our newest Staff Eins employees, ready to demonstrate each work flow multiple times – and makes sure to remind you of your lunch break.



Alex is always in a great mood – be it in the office or in the social networks. He is also our ecological and economical conscience as sustainability is very important to him.



Clemens’ main position is the social media department. He is also always ready to take on additional tasks and responsibilities to support Staff Eins with as much commitment as possible.



Niklas is our software engineer and in charge of making our digital dreams come true.



Caro assists Mandy by retaining an overview over our staff. Her kind and calm demeanour is a great support if things don’t quite go according to plan. She is also supporting our team as a supervisor.



Karo is in charge of presenting the latest highlights, tipps and company news to you. Her articles will always keep you up to date with everything happeneing at Staff Eins.


human resource management

Anica is your Staff Eins contact for personal and application management. She is in charge of administrative tasks such as handling applications, document management and acquiring personnel. She will also answer your administrative questions as soon as possible.