Hiring Procedure

You would like to work for Staff Eins? This is our hiring procedure – from registering with us to receiving your first payment.

You register to work with us. Simply fill out the form on our website. We are able to process your registration faster if you provide all the data and documents requested. Please make sure that your enrollment confirmation at university (or student ID) is up to date.

We check if your documents and data are complete and contact you within a few working days by e-mail, usually within 1 to 2 days. You are still waiting for our answer? Maybe our mail has ended up in your spam folder.

Now we kindly ask you to fill out your personal information for your working contract. At the same time you are able to apply for your first working shifts – you are free to choose the areas of work as well as the times from our online calendar. This way you will only be chosen for shifts you are interested in and that fit into your personal schedule.

We will then assign shifts to you. You will receive an e-mail as a confirmation and then another detailed mail a few days before you work. It will give you all the latest up to date information, for example on how to get to your place of work and what to wear. Our supervisors will give you an introduction to the job before you start to work. Have a good time working in our teams! You’ve got questions or problems during your shift? Please get in touch with your supervisor at any time.

You would like to qualify yourself further for certain jobs or would like to get a glimpse into an area of work before signing up for shifts? Simply sign up for our training sessions! In some areas this will also increase your hourly wage.

For the job supportive tasks/housekeeping on cruise ships, participating in the training session is mandatory before your first shift. You can find the current dates in our calendar.

You have completed your first working shift. Now our client will sign the receipt for woking hours that we sent to you by mail. If you have worked in a larger team, you will not need the receipt – your supervisor will register your working time for you.

You will then submit the signed receipt to us. The easiest way is to just send it to us through the form on our website. It is best to submit it as soon as possible. If you have worked in a group, it will suffice to submit one receipt for the entire team. This is the basis for paying you adequately and fairly. Please don’t forget to also submit your expenses. You will find details about the expenses we will cover in your initial e-mail or job description.

Please note: all jobs on cruise ships do not require this step – we will automatically register your working time.

Please submit your receipt for working hours as soon as possible. Our online system helps you to keep track of your executed working shifts as well as upcoming shifts. This way you will already know before the end of the month how much money you will earn. We will transfer your monthly payment promptly by the 10th of the following month.

You are also working for other employers? Not a problem at all! You can use our online system to keep track of all of your earnings from different jobs. This way you will always know exactly how much money you have made in the current year to avoid problems, for example if you receive student support.