Submit Receipts for Working Hours

NEW at Staff Eins! We have made it even easier for you to submit your receipts for working hours. As of now, you can upload them directly in We will show you on this page how to submit them. You are also able to rate your shift – of course completely anonymously.

1. Please log in to your account at You will automatically be redirected to the dashboard. On the left side, you will find a button called “submit receipt”. Please click on it.

2. You will now see a list of all of your shifts that are still pending a receipt for working hours. Please click on the shift you wish to upload the receipt for.

3. You can upload the receipt in the next window. Please make sure that all data (name of client, date of shift, number of Staff Eins employees) are correct and match your receipt. Please scan your receipt or take a picture of it. You can upload it either as a pdf or as an image file. Make sure to submit both the front and the back of the receipt.

4. It is possible that you cannot see shifts with a pending working receipt. In that case, one of the two following things has happened:

  • Your shift had a supervisor who has registered your working times. In that case you do NOT need to submit a receipt. This applies to our shifts on cruise ships, for example.
  • In case you have had shifts that require uploading a receipt, another employee from the same shift has already uploaded it for you.

Please remember always to agree during the shift which employee will submit the receipt for working hours to us. It should be uploaded no later than two days after the shift. You can access the an overview of all shifts that are accounted for in the “statistics” field of the dashboard. Please let us know should the data in the dashboard ever be incorrect so we can adjust it before the final accounting at the end of the month. Thank you very much!

You don’t have a receipt for working hours but would still like to rate your shift? You are able to use this form. Rating your shift is always anonymous. We try our best to improve your working conditions based on your ratings. Thank you for your help!